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Fuck! You didn't tell me there'd be that many people watching. So much for, "we're only half-full tonight." What the hell have I agreed to? Escort Moscow
Okay, I look the part and I can dance, but I've never performed burlesque. I barely know the routine and I'm not sure I possess the confidence to pull it off. What if they don't like me?
"Make it up if you forget the steps. Think sex. Pick someone in the audience and mentally seduce them."
That was Jess' advice. Maybe that works for her but she's been dancing at Jimmy's Place for years. She knows how to tease the audience, every trick to tantalise...but me? I've watched the dancers perform, I sort of know what to do, but I'm scared.
"You could always imagine pleasing Jimmy out there on stage. Moscow escort I know that turns you on."
She had to mention your name, didn't she? And she said it with a smirk on her face. Yes, Jess knows I'll do anything for you. The thought of your hands touching my body, your tongue greedily lapping the juices from my dripping sex...
 "Psst...Janine, are you ready?"
Am I ready for this? I don't know.
Jimmy's a shit.
I knew his reputation and vowed not to fall for his devilish charisma. All the girls wanted him, but not me. I was different. I needed Jimmy's Place for money, cash to pay for my dance shoes and classes. I didn't need Jimmy's favour, didn't want to join his harem of sluts dancing provocatively on his stage.
I went to Jimmy's Place to secure bar work, nothing more. I'd be scantily dressed, my tits and ass displayed, but not for sale.
Jimmy didn't allow customers to touch the waitresses and that suited me. With my morals intact, the money, good money, would pay for my lifestyle.
That was the plan. Yet that very first evening you had me on my knees begging to suck your cock. How did you do that, Jimmy? How did I fall so easily?
You're not a good looking man; your nose is crooked, your hairline's receding and your skin's weathered with age. And yet there's something irresistibly charming about you, a self-assured arrogance that draws your victims in, enslaving them.
I was yours the second our eyes met; those deep brown eyes that looked straight into my soul and claimed it. I drowned in your gaze, ceased breathing as, eyes locked with mine, you took my hand and held it to your lips.
Then you whispered, "I'll own you before the night's out."
Such conceit. I should have been revolted, pulled my hand away and turned my head. Instead my heart fluttered like a child at Christmas. The power you asserted over me was instant, binding. I'd do anything you asked. And when you requested proof of my loyalty, I knelt before you, eyes pleading.
My mind whirled as I accepted your cock into my mouth. Logic battled against my sordid deeds as I licked, sucked, felt your hot meat swell, the veins throbbing against my tongue. And how I loved your taste, swooned at your scent. By the time you gave me your sweet cream, I was already yours.
And tonight...as you bent me over your desk, your thick cock buried inside my longing cunt, balls slapping against my ass...in that fragile moment, that tremulous second before my climax peaked, you told me that night would be my first upon the stage. No more bar tending. I was to dance. I was to become your jewel.
There was no discussion. There never is.
Five minutes later, my muffled yelps could be heard issuing from Jess' dressing room as laces were yanked tight on a painfully tiny corset. Feathers, sequins and make-up littered the dressing table in front of me, spilling out haphazardly across the shiny surface.
"There. You'll pass as me," she shrugged. "Take a look."
Jess hobbled back to her chaise long, to tend her damaged ankle, whilst I examined her handiwork.
"Oh my..."
The woman staring out from the illuminated mirror was not me. She was some kind of Siren. Red hair, glossy and sleek, it's colour a perfect match to the corset pinching her waspish waist...and those legs. Clad in black nylon they appeared long and slender. I'd never seen legs so shapely. As a classically trained dancer, I had a great figure, but I'd never looked like that.
With make-up caked on, heavy but flawless, Jess had done a good job. I puckered my painted lips, practicing a seductive kiss.
What have you done, Jimmy? Who have you turned me into?
I looked hot, I felt sexy. The urge to screw burned fiercely and you promised...you said I'd be rewarded if I pleased the crowd. You told me you'd forgo the other girls, that my cunt would receive your throbbing cock, all night. You said you'd take me home.
"Look at you, Jimmy's whore," Jess sniggered.
Yes, I was...or was I more?
"Psst...Janine, are you ready?"
Am I ready for this? I don't know.
Tom's waving at me from the wings. He's got a feather boa and a whip in his hands. At some point, I don't recall when, he'll throw them to me. Please God, let me catch them! I need to look polished, smooth and professional.
Closing my eyes, I take a moment, shut out the bright lights, the heat, the excited murmur of the crowd. It's me and you, Jimmy, alone on the stage. I'll dance for you. My body will writhe the way you like it, my hands caress those secret parts you own.
I'm ready. I can do this. I can show a room full of strangers why Jimmy, my Jimmy, wants me.
Okay my darling, this is for you. Watch your whore perform.